HGTV’s renovation series Home Town recently touched on the memory of John Combe, a client who left a lasting memory on the show.

He was the owner of a home in Laurel, Mississippi, which hosts Erin and Ben Napier took upon themselves to completely transform.

The property is actually called The Combe House, which had its renovation in early 2020, and now fans are wondering what happened to him.

So, who was John Combe and what happened to him? Is his home, which made its debut on HGTV’s Home Town, now for sale? Let’s find out…

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Who was John Combe?

John, 70, was a retired veteran who went on Home Town to find a quaint, spacious, and relaxing summer home.

He grew up across the globe, living in Belize for the last ten years of his life.

The HGTV star had no budget when he turned to Erin and Ben to renovate his home, and wanted to make the place his own and accommodate guests.

When he found the ranch-style home tucked away in the historic district, he knew it was perfect for his laidback lifestyle.

As reported on Laurel Mercantile, Erin and Ben’s company, he said:

My life has been and is incredible. Always been lucky. My pop spent 30 years in the United States Air Force. During the first 18 years of my life we moved 7 times, so I still have the itch. Pop was incredible. He taught me a lot about life, right, wrong, and truth.

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What happened to John Combe?

  • John reportedly died of natural causes

John passed away of natural causes on April 4, 2020, in a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, according to a Home Town group.

Many viewers gave their condolences, with several commenting on how he seemed excited to live in his Laurel-based home.

One said: “He was so fun to watch and it was fun seeing you’re expressions when price meant nothing. I hope he got to spend time in that house.”

Another wrote: “So sorry. He was so full of life on the show. Laurel lost a very intriguing resident.”

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Is The Combe House up for sale?

  • It has been confirmed that The Combe House will be up for sale

According to John’s best friend and Executrix of his estate Kathi Jones, his home will be on the market in June 2021.

She revealed that there seems to be a lot of questions regarding John’s house in Laurel and if it is or will be for sale.

Kathi said that she had hoped to keep it, but that it has not been possible, and therefore will be putting it up for sale. She added:

I would like to find a buyer who will love it as much as John did and embrace that his legacy will live on in its walls through the unique style he and HGTV created.

“His home in Belize is now in the loving hands of the beneficiary and is being enjoyed and John’s memory preserved”, Kathi said.

She continued: “The Laurel home should be on the market the first week in July [2021] if all goes well.

“The home will be sold with the majority of the furniture, a common question, so it will retain the Home Town look John loved. Yes, and even the pool table will remain a part of the home!”

There are a few Home Town properties that have gone onto the market since their renovations.

A 1960s-era home in Laurel, Mississippi, has been listed by owners Rebecca and Matt Kollar – The Kollar Home – for $221,900.

Then for $185,000, a cottage originally restored for married couple Mackenzie and Jim Hurt, has been put up for sale.

Anyone interested in The Combe House can contact Kathi at [email protected]



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