After a two-week break, Home Town season 6 is back on HGTV tonight
Ben And Erin Transform This Farmhouse Into A Modern Home | Home Town

After a two-week break, Home Town season 6 is back on HGTV tonight

Ben and Erin Napier are a husband a wife team who fix up houses in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi. Their HGTV show, Home Town, has been airing since 2016 and due to the show’s popularity, it’s been renewed for six seasons and they’ve also had spin-off series such as Home Town Takeover, too.

In 2022, Home Town episodes were halted for two weeks but now, Erin has revealed that season 6 episode 7 is going to air on February 27th, 2022. The show is set to resume to its regular schedule and there are some home renovations and design ideas that viewers can’t miss.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Home Town season 6 explored

Home Town season 6 episodes came to a halt in 2022 but Erin Napier revealed on Instagram that the show will be back on tonight (Sunday, February 27th).

The last time viewers got to see the show, Erin and Ben showed off a craftsman home they’d created which featured a Mexico-inspired colour scheme. The home was designed for a couple from California who had moved to Laurel.

They also thanked their fans for “being patient” with them on Instagram.

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What to expect from Home Town season 6 episode 7

Given that Home Town season 6 episodes stopped airing at episode 6, we can assume that things will carry on from there and that episode 7 will air on February 27th.

Sunday night’s episode features travelling nurse Luke who has decided to put down roots in his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

Luke is a bachelor, so rather than Ben and Erin having to cater to a family or a couples’ design needs, there’s only Luke’s taste to consider.

Season 6 episode guide

It’s not often that there’s a two-week break between episodes on Home Town. So, viewers can assume that this is a one-off in season 6.

The Home Town series’ usually consist of around 13 episodes on average, so fans are only halfway through the series at episode 7.

The show airs each Sunday on HGTV at 8 pm ET. Follow Ben and Erin on Instagram for any updates @erinnapier and

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