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What happened to Hope Swinimer arm

Hope for Wildlife: What happened to Hope Swinimer's arm?

What happened to Hope Swinimer’s arm? Many viewers of Hope’s wildlife rescue show are asking the same question.

Anyone who has seen Hope for Wildlife will be well acquainted with Hope Swinimer, Dr Barry and the resident animals that live at the centre. The programme airs on Cottage Life Television and has been renewed for a tenth season in 2021.

Who is Hope Swinimer?

Hope Swinimer is the founder of Hope for Wildlife, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre based in Canada.

The efforts of Hope for Wildlife are documented in a TV series which has been airing since 2011. Arcadia Entertainment began filming in 2009.

According to her website bio, Hope was born and raised in Argyle, Nova Scotia. She previously worked as a manager at Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital but later went on to rehabilitate animals from her home.

More than 4,500 wild animals are taken into care by Hope for Wildlife each year.

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What happened to Hope Swinimer’s arm?

Some viewers of Hope for Wildlife have asked what happened to Hope’s arm.

The Hope for Wildlife Facebook account replied to a viewer’s question on the topic and said: “She is a cancer survivor, the doctors keep a close eye on her. So far so good”.

It doesn’t look as though Hope suffers from an arm injury, she uses both arms freely in the TV show. However, she may have had surgery on her right arm in the past due to having cancer.

A report from Salt Scapes also confirms that Hope has experienced illness in her life: “Swinimer herself has had a recent health scare: she was diagnosed with cancer. She took a rare day off to go for surgery, only for her doctors to find the cancer had disappeared.” According to the report, “her own death doesn’t worry her, but the death of Hope for Wildlife does.”

Does Hope have a husband?

While all of Hope’s time is spent rehabilitating wild animals, many viewers of Hope for Wildlife wonder if she has room in her life for a husband.

Hope previously had a partner who worked with her at Hope for Wildlife. In a tragic accident in 2018, Hope’s partner, Reid Patterson, 58, went missing and it was concluded that he fell overboard while swordfishing.

Filmed on Canada’s East Coast, Hope for Wildlife documents Hope’s life’s work. It doesn’t look as though she uses or has social media accounts, so it may be difficult for fans to stay up-to-date with Hope’s world. However, Hope for Wildlife doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon, and the rescue centre has its own IG account @hopeforwildlife.

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