How did Jordan Wiseley from The Challenge lose his hands? MTV star's medical condition explained

How did Jordan Wiseley from The Challenge lose his hands? MTV star's medical condition explained

The long-running reality competition The Challenge has returned for series 35 in the US.

The Challenge: Total Madness features an alumni line-up of MTV reality stars who embark on a tough and demanding journey.

Similar to SAS: Who Dares Wins here in the UK, the US series tests the contestants’ mental and physical capabilities to a breaking point.

Jordan Wiseley has appeared in several seasons of the MTV show. But what happened to his hand?

Jordan and Tori, The Challenge

What happened to Jordan’s hand?

Jordan has a medical condition called Symbrachydactyly. The MTV star was born without four fingers on his left hand.

The condition affects babies at birth where their fingers might be missing, stiff or short. It usually affects just one hand where the fingers haven’t grown properly and the thumb is shorter.

By the looks of Jordan’s hand, his condition might be mild or moderate as his finger bones and thumb are present. People who have more severe symptoms usually don’t have a thumb at all.

The cause of Symbrachydactyly is unknown, but according to official information from the NHS, it might happen when there’s an interruption to the baby’s arm’s blood supply at four to six weeks of pregnancy.

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Jordan Wiseley on The Challenge

Jordan’s condition hasn’t stopped him from giving his best on The Challenge.

However, he also suffered a nasty shoulder injury which meant he had to go ahead with the challenges on the show despite the pain.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jordan explained: “It’s an injury that I’ve dealt with before on my left shoulder, actually a couple times just throughout sports and motocross. But, this is the first time I’ve done it to my right shoulder.”

Twitter users share supportive messages

Jordan was eliminated on The Challenge on Wednesday (May 20th) and viewers have shared messages full of praise and support.

One wrote: “He never gives up, even when the challenge is geared more towards needing 2 hands.”

Another fan added: “You are the still the greatest to ever played that game.”


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