Families go head-to-head as they try to win valuable prizes on Family Feud, but there is one item that proves difficult to win: the car.

Winning $5 for each point scored, each family has to reach a combined total of $200 in order to qualify for a prize.

However, the most unlikely prize appears to be one of the most expensive, the car displayed on the stage. But not many families seem to win it…

We explain how contestants can actually drive off with the car, from how they ‘split’ the vehicle, to the rules needed to get your hands on the wheel.

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How to win the car on Family Feud

The family will have to win for five consecutive games in a row – meaning five episodes – to win the car.

Even if a family won $20K at the end, they could still drive off the car.

Some people get confused that this could mean winning five ‘Fast Money’ rounds, but doing so will not count for the car prize.

When the decision comes to exactly who gets to keep the car, whether they’ll share it or split the cash value is up to the family to decide.

It’s just the one car given to each family, despite a few thinking that each member of the family might get a car.

‘Splitting’ the car: Explained

Each family has to decide for themselves who gets the car, but splitting it would mean the equivalent cash value is given out and split between them.

This means that it is divided between the family members. For example, if there were five of them winning a $50K car, they would each get $10K.

Each prize also involves paying tax for the prize, as winning contestants only actually get the value of each item for free.

Some think that ‘splitting the car’ could mean sharing it, but this would be pretty difficult if they are all grown adults and live separately.

Therefore, just one person gets to keep the car, or the entire family chooses to take home the cash equivalent. Another option would be to take the car, sell it, and then split the money made.

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Families who have won a car

As of 2017, 11 families had won a car on Family Feud since 1976.

One family to win was the Parker family, who won $15K across five consecutive nights on the show.

The Stedmances won $15K and a car in 2016, which enabled one member of the family Joy to live out her dreams of buying a caravan.

While The Normans – Atarangi, Dave, Desiree and Raymond – won for five nights in a row, also getting the highest fast money score at the time.

Nana Atarangi and Papa Dave were on their way to Family Feud filming when their car broke down, so they sold the Suzuki Swift and split the cash.



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