It is the weekday American game show where contestants can win a load of prizes for free – but where does CBS actually get the items from?

Let’s Make A Deal has been airing on our screens since as far back as 1963, and it continues to be watched at 7pm each day by regular viewers.

The game show has a variety of huge prizes on offer, from a vacation trip, electronics, furniture, appliances, to a car if you’re lucky.

We explored how CBS gets their prizes in the first place, who pays for them and whether contestants even get to take them home…

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How Let’s Make A Deal gets prizes

Most prizes on the CBS programme are given to the show by the manufacturers or service providers as a way to promote themselves.

For example, a tour company may provide tickets to Let’s Make a Deal, while a car firm is likely to offer up one of their vehicles.

From $4,000 to a luxury car, some viewers may be completely confused as to how CBS can afford to keep spending money on expensive items.

But although companies are giving prizes away, many viewers may be drawn to their products, and in return, they’re likely to get some sales.

Getting prizes works by members of the audience (usually the most crazily-dressed) being selected, and is shown a prize while another item is hidden.

Unaware if they are getting something of equal or greater value, they are asked whether they wish to keep or exchange it for another item.

Who pays for the CBS show’s prizes?

CBS is unlikely to pay for prizes given to them, but rather each company who own the items will use some of their budget by giving a free prize.

The television channel may pay for a few prizes on the show, but they would usually be at a discounted price in return for being shown on air.

Also, game shows are cheap to produce because the contestants don’t get paid and the set is the same for all episodes!

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Do contestants take prizes home?

Yes, but they will have to pay taxes on the prizes they won.

Reporter Nate Eaton from East Idaho News revealed that him and his wife won a European vacation and an island getaway worth $24,766.

After the show, they were taken into an office and told to fill in paperwork confirming they would not disclose the show’s events until it airs.

They then had to pay almost $6,000 in taxes towards their prizes, and were told both vacations needed to be complete within a year.

Nate and his wife declined as they had a baby on the way, and could not afford to pay the taxes. If you can afford them, you will take them home.

If you win a car, you have to go to a specific car dealership that the show exclusively works with and, if you decide to upgrade the vehicle, you’ll most likely be paying the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.



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