Netflix’s super saucy dating show Too Hot To Handle is back in 2022 with a brand new season. The contestants including Holly, Patrick, Izzy, Jackson and co all gave celibacy a shot during the series and now, viewers are asking how long they really had to hold out for.

Tens of thousands of pounds are lost on Too Hot To Handle season 3 as some of the contestants aren’t so great at keeping their hands off one another. It looks like they’ll be lucky to end up with any kind of prize fund left given the way the show kicks off. So, how long was filming for Too Hot To Handle? Let’s find out more…

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

How long are they on Too Hot To Handle?

The Too Hot To Handle contestants spend around three to four weeks filming for the show.

Following the same filming schedules as seasons 1 and 2, the contestants spent around a month filming.

As reported by Refinery29 in 2020, “The season 1 cast turned up a couple of days before the shoot, which was the end of March 2019 and we filmed for 24 to 25 days in April 2019”.

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Where is Too Hot To Handle filmed?

The filming location for Too Hot To Handle season 3 was Turks and Caicos.

As per Capital FM, the Netflix show was filmed in January 2021: “The contestants had to isolate beforehand… they were introduced to the villa after two weeks.”

Speaking to Capital, season 3 contestant Beaux said: “We had to quarantine because of Covid circumstances so I think we were out there for a good five weeks. We were in the retreat for about three weeks…

Do the contestants stay after filming?

The Too Hot To Handle contestants get to stay in a huge villa while they’re on the show.

The cast stays at the Turtle Tail Estate which is said to cost £8000 per night.

Luckily, after filming comes to an end, the contestants get to holiday at the villa for a little while longer without cameras and more importantly, without Lana!

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