Moonshiners distiller Josh is best known for trading illegal liquor. However, he hasn’t always been in the industry: he used to race for a living. We found out how he is now earning six figures.

Fans are always on the edge of their sofas while tuning into the Discovery series, hoping that Josh doesn’t get arrested.

However, the risky businessman has always been one for adrenaline. We found out how the popular reality TV star raced his way to the big bucks, and found himself in distilling.

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How Josh went from racing to Moonshining

Josh, who splits his time between South and North Carolina, went from a professional motocross racer career to illegally making Moonshine and running from police.

You might be thinking, why would anyone do such a thing? Well, there’s big bucks in making the liquor. Plus, he isn’t afraid to take on a challenge, so much so that he is described as an “all round madman”.

His career as a professional superbike and motocross trainer involved doing a 142 mph wheelie for over five miles!

He hasn’t given it up completely though, as he still takes on the road with a motorbike. His late dog Cutie Pie, who sadly passed away in 2020, used to ride shotgun on the handlebars.

Josh was also the 2003 and 2004 Motox Points Champ – but had an accident in 2018 which meant he had to stop racing for a while.

As a result, he punctured a lung, tore a rotator cuff and broke his left collar bone, shoulder blade and all but one of his ribs. Josh then began a career in Moonshining, thought to help him pay off medical bills from the accident.

What is Josh’s net worth?

Josh has likely saved up enough money to pay off medical bills now, as he has a $400K net worth.

Reportedly, he makes six figures a year by making Moonshine, on top of what is rumored to be a $100K yearly salary for appearing on the Discovery show.

Rumor has it that Josh generates quite a lot of profit from making the alcohol.

He also owns a company called tree removal service firm Tree and Yard Busters.

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Josh left an impression on Moonshiners producers

Josh was first introduced to the concept of the show when Barney Barnwell, his moonshining mentor, enlisted him and a friend to build an underground distillery.

However, Barney died two weeks into the project, but Josh and his friends decided to complete the distillery in Barnwell’s memory.

Directors of Moonshiners were impressed and were keen to keep Josh and his friend on the series.

He made his first appearance in the second season in November 2012, and continues to appear in the show as a regular cast member.



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