Celebrity Big Brother 2018 was dominated by a handful of key stories.

Of course, there was the moment where Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of punching her. However, there were also sensational rumours surrounding wages.

In attempts to prove that CBB still had a little bit of chutzpah, it was reported that Big Brother stars were paid huge amounts of money in attempts to save the long-serving reality TV series from extinction.

Roxanne reportedly earned £750,000 for her 19-day stint in the house while Jermaine Pennant was rumoured to be on a healthy half-a-million.

But what about the stars of civilian Big Brother?

How much is the Big Brother 2018 prize money?

Celebrity Big Brother Wages

In Celebrity Big Brother, contestants are paid set wages for their appearance on the show, no matter how long they last.

This can eliminate the element of competition slightly, with housemates aware that they’ll be getting the same pay packet no matter what.

What they’re really competing for is their new-found fame. Oh yeah, and the charity prize money.

Traditionally, the Celebrity Big Brother winner is given a winning pot of £50,000 to donate to a charity of his choice.

In this case, it should be Ryan Thomas. However, the prize money hasn’t been mentioned at all, leading suspicions as to whether it is still going on.

Big Brother Prize Money

While the civilian Big Brother contestants don’t get wages, they instead get to keep the full prize money.

Unless, of course, they wanted to give it charity… which never has or will happen!

The Big Brother jackpot is a hefty £100,000, although BB like to play around with how that is distributed.

As always, twists will be thrown into Big Brother 2018, with that 100k prize money offered to be divided, shared or even stolen between more than one housemate.

Big Brother Big Winners

With a breezy 100k in the pocket, the smart Big Brother victors use the cash to propel themselves onto bigger things.

Take season 8’s Brian Belo, who ended up on Big Brother’s Big Mouth and Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

Season 3’s Kate Lawler landed a host of TV presenting jobs, DJ-ing gigs and modelling contracts following her time in the BB house while the guy who won the first-ever Big Brother is now a multi-millionaire.

Apparently, Craig Phillips used his fame to set up a property-development empire, combined with appearances countless DIY programmes and a cheeky autobiography.