We’ve all seen the videos, and we’ve all chuckled out loud at some classic slapstick comedy that really wasn’t that funny.

In fact, some of us have considered making a living off ITV‘s You’ve Been Framed!, sending in two terrible videos per-week and living off a healthy £28,000 per-anum income – honestly, that’s the maths!  

But do you really earn £250 per video? Especially in the 2019 climate when every funny video in the world is instantly uploaded to YouTube!

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Is You’ve Been Framed! still on TV?


You’ve Been Framed! still airs on ITV2 most weekdays, around 13:00 pm or in the early afternoon.

It even picks up some traffic at the weekend, too!

The show is still producing new series, with season 31 expected to air sometime in 2019. Series 31 will mark 19 years of slapstick humour with 500 episodes in total.

You’ve Been Framed!… still funny.


How much money do you get for You’ve Been Framed!?

Literally, £250!

From 1990 to now, You’ve Been Framed! still pay out exactly £250 per episode – which is pretty damn impressive!


You’ve Been Framed officials answer the question on their ITV Q&A section:

“Our show transmits around the world under different names (eg America’s Funniest Home Videos, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos) and the producers abroad operate their clip fees in a different way to us…

For example, on America’s Funniest Home Videos (our parent show) they don’t pay per clip, but the audience picks one clip every series to win $100,000.

But we keep coming back to the same question – do our viewers want to see just one clip win a staggering amount of money, or would they rather that every clip shown won a little something?

We still think it’s the latter – in Britain, we like all our losers to be winners.

We intend to keep paying everyone who has their video shown on TV – and that means for now the £250 payment won’t be changing.

From ITV Studios
You’ve Been Framed! on ITV

Why do clips always look old?

Because you’re watching an old episode, dumbass.

With over 19 years of footage collated since 1990, chances are high that you happen to flick on an ‘old’ episode.

With footage filmed on peoples phones or old cameras, anything sub-2008 is going to look very outdated on a modern TV, and that’s 2/3rds of the You’ve Been Framed content.

ITV confirmed on their Q&A section that they make 13 new episodes each year, with Harry Hill commentating over every new clip.

Apparently, clips are never shown twice, either!


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