How old are the 1000 lb sisters and the rest of the TLC show's cast?

How old are the 1000 lb sisters and the rest of the TLC show's cast?

Amy and Tammy Slaton are TLC’s 1000 Lb Sisters. The sisters – as the show’s name suggests – have a combined weight of 1000 lbs and each season sees them trying to lose weight. The TLC stars are back in 2021 for a third season of their show.

Amy lost a lot of weight during the TLC series in order to increase her chances of having a child, later welcoming baby Gage to the family. But, her sister Tammy is still struggling with her health on the show. Amy, Gage and her husband, Michael, as well as the sisters’ brother, Chris, all appear on the show. Here’s a look at how old the 1000 lb sisters and the rest of the TLC cast are.

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

How old are the 1000 lb sisters?

Tammy Slaton is the older of the two TLC sisters. She was born on July 27th, 1986, making her 35 years old.

Amy is a year younger at 34 years old. She was born on October 28th, 1987.

The sisters were born and raised in Kentucky by their single mom, Darlene.

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How old is Amy’s husband, Michael Halterman?

While Tammy is still battling with her weight loss, Amy has undergone a huge transformation while on the TLC show. She’s married to Michael Halterman and the two have a son named Gage.

Michael is 38 years old. The pair got married around two years ago as per Amy’s Instagram page.

Amy and Michael’s son, Gage, is one year old as of November 2021.

Chris Coombs’ age explored

Tammy and Amy’s brother, Chris, also appears on the TLC show and is a fan favourite judging by viewers’ Tweets.

He and his wife, Brittany Coombs, appear on the show and pick Tammy up from rehab in 2021 episodes of 100 Lb Sisters.

Chris is reportedly 41 years old and was born on October 29th, 1980, making him the eldest of the siblings.

He has a son named Brandon and a daughter named Emily.

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