Acacia and Aaliyah are proving something of a surprise package on this year’s X Factor.

Following the shock exit of Molly Scott, Bella Penfold and Shan Acto, the group also known as A Star are quickly increasing their chances of winning the competition.

Should Acacia and Aaliyah win then the will become the youngest ever group to claim the X Factor crown. And, individually, they will both be the youngest ever winners!

The X Factor: SR15: Ep11 on ITV
Pictured: Six Chair Challenge: Acacia and Aaliyah.

How Old is A Star?

Together, A Star has a combined age of 29.

Both Acacia and Aaliyah auditioned for the ITV singing competition as solo artists. However, Simon Cowell decided to push them together to form a group.

What a decision this was…

Since the pair were put together they formed the group name A Star.

However, this has since been reformed to Acacia & Aaliyah.

How Old are Acacia and Aaliyah?

Technically, Aaliyah K is the youngest of the two. She is 14 years old.

The wise head, experience and wisdom of the group comes down to Acacia. Then again, she’s just 15 years old!

The current youngest X Factor winner is Louisa Johnson, who won the 2015 competition aged 17.

From Thames/Syco The X Factor: SR15 on ITV Pictured: Acacia and Aaliyah.

From Thames/Syco
The X Factor: SR15 on ITV
Pictured: Acacia and Aaliyah.

What Else do We Know?

Both of the talented singers have a mixed heritage.

According to Aaliyah’s Instagram, she has cultural ties with Somalia and Jamaica alongside Great Britain.

Likewise, Acacia’s Instagram indicates that she has a background from Austria and Kenya.

They were both born in the U.K, with Aaliyah hailing from London and Acacia growing up in Lancashire.



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