90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 was a season of heartache, distrust, and constant arguing for many of the couples who thought they found their soulmates.

The season ended a few weeks ago, but the cast is back with a spinoff called B90 Strikes Back!, which airs on TLC. This series allows cast members from season 4 to address social media comments and talk about their perspective of everything that happened during the season of Before the 90 Days. 

Ash Naeck is a specific cast member who has been open about his feelings on what happened in his relationship. Here’s everything you need to know about Ash; including age, career and relationship status.

How old is Ash?

Ash was born in 1981 and is 38 years-old. He resides in Melbourne, Australia, but his homeland is the island of Mauritius. This island is located near Madagascar off the coast of Africa.

While on 90 Day Fiancé he experienced online bullying because of his bulgy eyes. According to starsoffline.com Ash revealed to the world that:

“He has been living with Hyperactive Thyroid since the age of 21. And, as a side effect of the medical condition, his eyes appear to bulge out.”

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The hole or Ash-Hole for some 🕳🕳🕳 . What if being in the Hole was the best thing that ever happened to you? . You must be thinking no F##king way dude but but hear me out 👀 . The hole AKA the dark side is that place where life is monumentally SHIT or is it really 🤨🤨🤨 . Well been there done that and BEHOLD, I survived to share the experience . So what happened in that 🕳? What did I do? Did I decorate the place? Did I hook up cable and have a chill time? . Well, none of the above happened. What did happen was me revisiting things over and over again WISHING I did things differently 😩 yup Houston we have a problem . In that space, WISHING was my struggle as I was facing my biggest enemy of all time, “ME” . The choices I had were to keep diving in the rabbit hole of victimhood mentality “why me” “poor me” or CHOOSE to wake up and face the dark side with humility and an open mind . I chose the latter and rather than asking futile questions that were disempowering, I starting asking more empowering ones . Who are the people who loves and believes in me and why? And What am I blessed with in my life? . A few questions that changed the perception of the challenge I was facing.I went from victim 😭 to action taking💪🏽 mentality by cultivating empowering sets of questions . Life does not happen to you it happens for you right, so so so… . Maybe then being in the “Ash-hole’ or simply the hole -for some- was the best thing that could ever happen to me . . . . . #gritandvirtue #grit #resilient #resilience #growthmindset🌱 #nevergiveupnevergivein #awarenessiskey #breatheeasy #breatheinbreatheout #virtuosity #mindsetshift #loveislove

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Behind Ash’s career

Ash is a relationship coach determined to help women and men find long-lasting love according to his Instagram. He had his first relationship coaching seminar in Australia while his then-girlfriend Avery Warner was there visiting him to attend.


He is also a certified Life, NLP, and Holistic Nutrition Coach. Let’s also not forget that he is a reality television star.

90 Day Fiance to current relationship status

Ash was in a long-distance relationship with Avery Warner who is from Seattle, Washington. They met online and tried to have a lasting relationship. Avery is 32 years old and has two children at the ages of 10 and 2 years old. Ash was married before meeting Avery and starting his relationship with her. He has a 9-year-old son named Taj with ex-wife Sian.

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3 simple steps to Enhance Self-Love❤️ . If you are anything like me, you’d probably relate to what I am about to say 💯🥊 . We tend to be our biggest and hardest critics and the struggle we face, in my opinion, is to accept and love ourselves in spite of our many flaws . It may come as a shock for some but we seem to be programmed to ridicule ourselves. So it’s fair to say that some work is needed . Here are 3 simple ways to love yourself more each day: – This will have to be the simplest but the most overlooked habit. Give yourself an earnest compliment each day. Don’t wait for anyone to give you one. Congratulate yourself for the great qualities you harness. Go on and give yourself a stellar compliment now – Make a list of your accomplishments and read them a few times. Connect with that feeling and be proud of your achievements. Come on, let’s do it now, make the list. – Start by cleaning up your diet by choosing to eat in a healthier manner. Remember that unprocessed food is better for your well being . A bonus tip here is to avoid people who drags you down whether a friendship, romantic relationship, or a relationship with a family member. Value yourself enough to avoid negative people and relationships . Believe that you deserve love from yourself and those in your life. A little self-love will enhance every part of your life . You are worth loving ❤️ . . . . #selfloveweek #selflovemovement #selflove❤️ #selflovematters #selflovejourney #selflove #youcomefirst #loveyoursef #loveyourself💕 #lovematters #selfdevelopmentjourney #selfdevelopmenttools #selfdevelop #groundingenergy #yogaisart #yogaismagic #loveisequal

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During season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Avery found out that Ash has only been divorced for about a year.

Avery felt as though he was being dishonest. Their relationship did not last and by the end of the season the two called it off.  He is still single and taking time for himself.



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