How old is Carmela from Return to Amish? TLC star is a grandmother!

How old is Carmela from Return to Amish? The TLC star shocks viewers in 2021 as she reveals that she’s a grandmother. Let’s find out more about Carmela Raber.

TLC show Return to Amish sees people who previously lived as Amish adapt to new lives as English people. Trading up horses and carts for cars and getting used to partying, drinking alcohol and the temptation of getting tattooed, there are many challenges to face for the cast of Return to Amish.

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Return to Amish: Who is Carmela?

Carmela Raber is a cast member on TLC’s Return to Amish. She’s appeared on the show since 2018 as per IMDb.

Fans can follow Carmela on Instagram @carmelaraber where she has around 4.2k followers. Her profile is set to private, but the TLC star is also on Facebook.

Carmela was raised by a single mother until she was 11 or 12 and was in a religious cult which she said was similar to Amish culture according to InTouch Weekly.

How old is Carmela from Return to Amish?

Carmela is 38 years old according to Distractify.

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She has four children from a previous relationship and a grandchild.

The TLC star had Return to Amish viewers shocked when she said that she was a grandmother. Many people took to Twitter to express their surprise: “Carmela has 4 kids and 1 granddaughter? How old is she?!?! Wth! #ReturnToAmish“.

TLC: Are Carmela and Jeremiah together in 2021?

Given the ups and downs of Carmela and Jeremiah’s relationship, it’s no wonder that viewers wonder whether the couple is still together in 2021.

Much of Jeremiah and Carmela Raber’s relationship woes have played out on social media, specifically their Facebook pages.

But, a quick scan of their scroll media pages and it looks as though Carmela and Jeremiah are still together in 2021. Carmela changed her Facebook cover photo to one containing the couple on April 25th and Jeremiah posted the same photo to Instagram in March (@jeremiah_raber).

Although it seems that all is well in the Raber’s marriage as of Spring 2021, that’s not to say that things will be plain sailing for the couple. During Return to Amish, Carmela and Jeremiah can be seen talking about marriage counselling. But, for now, they’re still an item!

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