Sir Elton John is the mastermind behind this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

Around the end of November each year, Christmas enthusiasts become obsessed with the latest John Lewis advert, gossiping about when it may be released and speculating over who could be in it.

The department store franchise has become synonymous with Christmas pop culture over the past 10 years, creating sensitive and inspiring adverts over each festive period.

Christmas 2018 is all about Elton John’s journey through music from childhood to now.

So, how old is he?

Elton John, FlickR, 2011 credit @David Shankbone
Elton John, Flickr, 2011 credit @David Shankbone

How Old is Elton John?

Elton John was born on March 25th, 1947.

This makes him 71 years old and an Aries – Sir Elton is very much still alive!

John Lewis Christmas Advert: Meaning

The 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert, called The Boy and the Piano, is a reverse timeline of Elton John’s life.

It documents Elton’s love of music, highlighting his key performances over the years before leading back to how he first fell in love with the piano.

Elton started playing the piano at age three, and the advert finishes as he unwraps the piano that his grandmother bought him as a Christmas present in real life.

This kick-started Elton’s obsession with the instrument and changed his life forever when he received a junior scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music.

You can watch the full advert here:

Elton John Christmas Ad Trivia!

The advert starts with the opening bars to Your Song, Elton’s first big hit from 1970.

  • Interestingly, the recordings of Your Song are from various Elton John performances over the years.
  • Although Elton plays himself at the start of the ad, there were five different actors used to depict him at various stages of his life.
  • This wasn’t the first time Your Song has been used by John Lewis, with their 2010 Christmas ad featuring a cover by Ellie Goulding.

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