At the end of Made in Chelsea season 15, Jamie Laing was busy falling head over heels for yet another girl.

This time around, it was Heloise Agostinelli who stole Jamie’s heart.

Heloise is the daughter of Italian-American self-made billionaire financier Robert Agostinelli, who is the 416th richest American, according to Forbes.

But other than being incredibly rich, ‘Ell’ is also incredibly gorgeous and incredibly young looking. Just how old is Jamie Laing’s girlfriend?

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Heloise Agostinelli Age

Jamie Laing’s new girlfriend is 19-years-old.

She studied in England at the Heathfield Boarding School in Ascot having moved across from the States, and now works for London-based model agency Viva.

Standing at 5ft 6, with a waist of 26” and hips at 35”, Heloise is definitely on the cute and petite side of modelling!

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How Old is Jamie Laing?

Heir to countless rich teas and the McVities riches itself, Jamie Laing is significantly older than Heloise.

The SW3 star is 30-years-old, over 10 years Heloise’s senior. Jamie turned 30 on November 3rd.

Nevertheless, Made in Chelsea fans have grown familiar with Jamie dating younger women.

How Long Have Jamie and ‘Ell’ Been Dating?

‘Ell’, as she is nicknamed in Chelsea, joined the series 15 cast towards the very end of the season.

She featured in a handful of episodes and was introduced to Jamie’s friends in May, where Jamie went on to tell Ell that he “loved her” on May 22nd.

Classic Jamie!

Made in Chelsea: Jamie Laing tells Heloise he LOVES her!

The pair have been dating ever since, with numerous lavish trips back and forth to the U.S.A over summer.

Now approaching the six-month mark in their relationship, it just about signals the time for Jamie to mess it all up during Made in Chelsea’s series 16.

After all, it’s what he does best!