How old is Made in Chelsea star Digby? Why does he whine like a 96-year-old old man?

How old is Made in Chelsea star Digby? Why does he whine like a 96-year-old old man?

Episode 5 of Made in Chelsea will see yet another tiring monologue between Digby Edgley and girlfriend Olivia Bentley.

The pair squabbled and bickered throughout series 16, with many fans of the Channel 4 series growing tired of their disastrous relationship and incapability to just be happy.

It looks like 2019’s season 17 is going to be exactly the same. So how old is Sir Moan-a-lot of SW3 and his side bit?

Screen Shot: Digby and Olivia – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 15, episode 10

Who is Digby Edgley?

Digby is a model, personal trainer semi-professional golfer – which makes for a pretty cushty lifestyle if you ask us!

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Digby explained to the newspaper that he attempted to make it as a pro abroad shortly after graduating from college.

He said:

Just after I left school, I tried to become a pro golfer so was coming to and from South Africa. I spent six months a year out there and just before I decided to turn pro, I fell out of love with the game and decided it was not for me.

On Instagram, Digby announces himself as a “Certified Personal Trainer” in his bio and has a fitness company called the ‘D E Experience‘, dedicated to home workouts.

His website reads:

I have designed the DE experience so that you can do this very effective workout in the comfort of your own home. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy the process.

How old is Made in Chelsea’s Digby?

Although often portrayed as old and boring on the SW3 series – constantly moaning at girlfriend Olivia Bentley for her wild nights out – Digby is actually super young.

The ‘stay-at-home’ boyfriend is only 25 years old.

Girlfriend Olivia Bentley is only two years younger. The 23-year-old was born on  26, 1995, which makes her a Virgo.

Are Digby and Olivia still together?

Although the last episode of the 2018 series made it look like Liv and Digby were over, the first episode of the 2019 series had them side by side looking stronger than ever.

Despite this, cracks have already started to appear in their relationship and it looks like we will witness another season of classic arguments between the on/off lovers.

The pair are pictured together as late as April on Instagram, so it looks like they survive whatever drama is chucked there way throughout this season.



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