Melissa Tattam is one of the newer Made in Chelsea stars.

That hasn’t stopped little Mel from chucking herself straight into the drama, though.

The brunette beauty was introduced to the SW3 gang towards the start of series 15, in March 2018, as Harry Baron’s new girlfriend.

She quickly became involved in the Jamie Laing and Harry Baron rivalry, and has now thrown herself into the drama surrounding Sam Thompson.

How old is the petite brunette causing all this drama?

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Melissa Tattam’s Job

London-based Mel has her own swimwear brand called MELLISSAJAY, which she launched in 2016.

The company aim is to design flattering bikinis for women with petite figures.

The busy bee does everything from brand marketing to the swimwear designs, even using her modelling skills to be the bootylicious body in every photo shoot!

What can’t this girl do…

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How Old is Melissa Tattam?

Despite her remarkable feats, Melissa is just 21 years old and didn’t go to university, either.

Her birthday is on December 15th.

Melisssa told Celebrity Secrets: I didn’t go to uni because I’m not academic and I’m also very dyslexic. Instead, I did a nine-month secretarial and business course, which made me realise that I wanted to run my own business.”

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My new favourite colour 💦

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Melissa Tattam on Instagram

You can follow Melissa at @melissatattam, where she has 38,000 followers.

If you’re not a fan of Harry Baron’s super smug face, however, it may not be the account for you…

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I can’t ever get enough cuteness out of this dog ❤️

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Melissa on Made in Chelsea: Croatia

Melissa caused a storm on Made in Chelsea: Croatia after revealing that Sam Thompson was unfaithful to Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo while he was on holiday in Vegas.

Harry had relayed the information to Melissa, who couldn’t help but gossip about events.

The drama soon turned on Harry and Melissa, however, after Sam brought up doubts over their relationship.

Could Melissa and Harry be heading for a break-up?