How old is Ronnie on Swamp People? Many viewers of the show want to know his age, relationship status and more!

History channel fans are already acquainted with most of the alligator-hunting cast members, from Chase to Don and Troy to Pickle Wheat, there are a lot of characters on the show. So, let’s get to know Ronnie, Swamp People star and professional hog hunter.

how old is ronnie on swamp people
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How old is Ronnie on Swamp People?

Ronnie Adams is one of Swamp People’s recognisable characters. He’s 6 ft 5 and weights 260 lbs.

The History star comes from Violet, Louisiana. However, it’s unclear exactly how old he is. However, we can guess that he’s around 50 years old. A 2020 report from TVstarbio suggests that Ronnie is “in his mid-50s”.

As detailed on his Facebook page, Ronnie celebrates his birthday on February 14th.

Swamp People: Are Ronnie and Ashley married?

No, Ashley ‘Dead-Eye’ Jones and Ronnie are not married.

It was Ronnie that introduced Ashley to Swamp People, however, she’s married to Chad Jones, an attorney with his own law firm.

Together, Ashley and Chad have three children. She writes in her Facebook bio that she’s a “Jesus loving wife and mama”. Ashley joined Swamp People in 2018 and she often takes to Facebook to share photos of her latest hunting trophies, herself and her husband on date nights, and the odd selfie.

Ashley is also on Instagram with over 3,500 followers @ashleybigdeerkillerjones. The “proud hunter” often takes to the ‘gram to share the latest goings-on in her life and also shares adorable photos of her bulldog.

As reported by Distractify, it was through Ronnie that Ashley got her nickname ‘Dead-Eye’ for her hunting accuracy. However, they’re just friends.

Meet Ronnie’s family

Ronnie has been a part of Swamp People since 2013. Previous to turning his career path to TV, Ronnie writes online that he’s the owner of Elite Airboat Hog Hunting, LLC.

He’s a father to three daughters and recently got engaged to his fiancé Jen Smith.

He and Jen got engaged in 2019 and, by the looks of Facebook, they’re a very happy couple. Jen and Ronnie often take to Facebook to share photos of their family, their hunting trips and couples’ photos together.



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