How tall is Hunter Montgomery on The Bachelorette? Twitter says he's "too short" for Katie!

ABC’s The Bachelorette is rolling into its seventh week on July 12th 2021. Katie Thurston is whittling down the flock of men who have spent a lot of time trying to win her over. There’s been tears, arguments, rifts between the group and a whole lot of cringey poems read out.

Hunter Montgomery is one of the men still standing in the competition. Although Twitter seems ot think that he’s not standing tall enough to be with Katie, so let’s take a look at Hunter’s height, plus his TikTok fame and more!

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Who is Hunter Montgomery?

The Bachelorette’s Hunter Montgomery is one of the season 17 contestants!

Thirty-four-year-old Hunter hails from Houston, Texas and works as a software strategist. He’s also a father-of-two.

As per his ABC bio: “Hunter is an expressive, passionate and outgoing person who does not believe in holding back“.

Hunter’s height revealed

As per The US Sun, Hunter is 5 ft 10. As per Health Line, the average height for men in the US is around 5 ft 9 so Hunter is actually above average!

Many viewers of The Bachelorette took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Hunter’s height. One person Tweeted: “Katie can’t end up with Hunter, she’s too tall for him.

Another said: “Hunter is 4 feet tall, how he gonna hurt anyone?“.

Others Tweeted that Hunter gave them “boss baby vibes” and someone else said that they needed to know how tall he was: “okay, how tall is hunter? i need to know for research purposes.“.

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‘The Bachelorette’ 2021 Season Preview

The Bachelorette star has TikTok

Although Hunter seems to have had most of his fellow contestants turn against him during week 7, he’s actually popular outside of the show.

The dad-of-two has a TikTok following of 64.5k and over 311k likes. He writes in his TikTok bio: “Single Dad. Tats. Jokes. Mental Health“.

In July 2021, he took to TikTok to say that he’s currently on a recovery journey and added that he’d be taking to IG Live to share his story.

Hunter also has over 13k followers on Instagram @hmontgomery. The Bachelorette star often posts photos to the ‘gram of his family, dog, as well as travelling snaps and milestones of his addiction recovery.


This is a hard concept, and one I personally have to really work on!! #mentalhealth #loveyourself #happiness

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