How tall is Love Island's Anton Danyluk? Is he the shortest in the villa?

How tall is Love Island's Anton Danyluk? Is he the shortest in the villa?

Just when we thought that Love Island producers had had their fill bringing model after model into the 2019 villa, Arabella Chi appeared during episode 16.

Arabella, who has worked as a model for the last 10 years, chose to go on a date with male model Danny Williams and gym owner, Anton Danyluk.

The 28-year-old who looked like an Amazonian goddess towered over one of her dates in particular.

So, exactly how tall is Love Island’s Anton? What is his height?

Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: Amy and Anton

How tall is Love Island’s Anton?

Episode 16 of Love Island series 5 saw Anton Danyluk’s height the topic of conversation.

Scottish lad Anton whose 24 years old mentioned on his arrival to the villa that he’d been in relationships since he was 14 years old.

Although he’s been having a ‘mare for his first few weeks in the villa being single for the majority of the time.

Anton’s height isn’t plastered all over the internet but we’d make an estimate that he’s about 5 ft 9.

Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Anton challenge.

Is Anton shorter than the Love Island 2019 girls?

When Arabella Chi set foot in the Love Island villa mid-way through the competition, Anton’s height became the topic of conversation. And yes, he is shorter than some of the girls!

Both avid gym-goers, Anton and Arabella had a chiselled body in common. However, there was a major difference between the two Islanders.

Arabella’s long legs take her to a whopping 5 ft 10 and a half which is a foot and a half taller than Anton.

It may be a sore subject for Anton but Love Island series 5 original Anna Vakili, who stands at 5 ft 9, was pleased for another tall girl to join her in the villa!

Love Island: SR5: Ep16 on ITV2
Pictured: Arabella arrives in the villa.

Anton’s height compared to the rest of the Love Island 2019 boys

We’ve taken an educated guess that Anton is about 5 ft 9 at the most.

Looking at him in and among the group in episode 16, Anton is certainly the shortest of all the boys.

Firefighter Michael mentioned in the episode that he’s 5 ft 10.

Tommy,  Tom and Jordan are all the same height at 6 ft tall.

And both Danny, who works as a male model, and professional ballroom dancer Curtis stand at 6 ft 2.

Viewers took to Twitter after the episode aired on June 20th that Michael could be reaching quite literally when he said he was 5 ft 10, with some commenting that “he’s the same height as Amber” who is probably around 5 ft 6.

Screen Shot: Love Island 2019 episode 16 – ITV2




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