How to apply for The Heist TV show on Sky One - it's not that simple!

Have you ever wanted to appear on reality TV? Or do you have the type of technical mind that excels under pressure and kicks into action mode when tasked with problem-solving?

Series 2 of Sky One’s TV series The Heist TV features nine contestants as they attempt to work together in order to pull off a ‘heist’.

With £1 million in prize money waiting at the end, this isn’t exactly your local Escape Room. There’s twists, turns, betrayal and friendships as cast members have to hide their share of the loot from a crack team of determined detectives.

It’s like a modern version of cops and robbers featuring both real-life people and actors, pieced together by Sky as one of their most entertaining reality TV series.

Fancy it?

How does The Heist work?

The Heist is similar to Channel 4 series Hunted, and that’s because both are produced by Shine TV.

They must locate and evacuate the prize money before evading detection from a team of ‘detectives’ for 20 days (eight episodes). 

How to apply for The Heist on Sky One

Of course, applications for the current 2020 series are closed. And, applying for the next season isn’t a simple process.

As reported by The Northern Echo, series 1 was filmed in Thirsk and the surrounding area. Producers then invited people who live nearby to apply for the show.


Assistant producer Conor O’Donovan said of the selection process: “We will give a select number of people (in Thirsk) the opportunity to come across some treasure and they will have to take it and keep it hidden for a number of weeks from a team of expert investigators.

We are looking for adults of all ages to participate, and there is a substantial prize for anyone who manages to keep the treasure hidden.”

If you’re desperate to appear on The Heist then your best bet is to keep tabs of their official Twitter and Facebook pages, where they will announce the filming location for series 3. Then, you can register your interest by emailing [email protected].

How to watch The Heist series 2

The second series airs every Thursday night on Sky One.

The series airs at 9 pm and will continue in the same timeslot for eight weeks.




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