How to choose the correct answers on Love Island The Game version two

It’s quite normal for the whole nation to come to a standstill every summer as that memorable tune plays and the camera pans to a villa in Majorca – because it’s time for Love Island again.

And in 2019 the Love Island game released a new version in tandem with series 5 of the TV show.

Love Island The Game is back with version two and the game is new and improved.

There are a lot of questions for your Love Island video game character to answer, though, so here’s how to choose them…

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

Love Island The Game – answers

With mobile games such as Episode and Love Island The Game, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right choices given that you’ve got to choose an answer every five clicks or so.

There’s pressure to choose the right option as it’s mentioned on Love Island The Game that the way you treat other islanders will have a lasting effect.

During the game bursts of emojis appear after you’ve chosen an answer and this shows you the character’s reaction.

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

How to choose the right answers on Love Island The Game

Technically there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers on the game.

Each choice you make will determine a different future for your character, but that’s not to say that the course of the journey will be more positive or negative.

The aim for every player of the game is obviously to win the game so choosing answers which show that your worthy of top spot is key.

Answer any questions that get thrown your way honestly and be the kind of character you can imagine winning.

Remember: No-one likes a people pleaser or a party pooper!

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

Love Island game: Paying to choose an answer

In some circumstances you’ll be prompted to choose an answer in exchange for gems.


Of course, gems come at a price and if you’re not willing to fork out real cash for the game then don’t click these answers.

The game is totally fine to be played without ever choosing the expensive option.

Play the game free and you’re still in the running to win.

And you’re left thinking – “what if I had chosen the paid-for answer?” – don’t stress because you’ll get ample opportunity to whip out the debit card and buy gems and passes.

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games



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