How To Spend It Well: Gin making kit is this year’s Christmas must-have!

The shops are brimming with Christmassy things, radio stations blaring out classic festive hits and no-one wants to go out anymore – it’s officially looking like Christmas in 2019.

ITV’s How To Spend It Well At Christmas is back in 2019 with Phillip Schofield bringing the festive cheer as host.

Phillip and wife Steph get into the spirit of Christmas and go up against one another to see who can make the best homemade gin from a kit.

Let’s take a look at the How To Spend it well gin-making kits tried out in episode 3.

Screenshot: How To Spend It Well at Christmas gin making kit – ITV

How To Spend It Well: Gin making kit

Episode 3 sees Phil and Steph unbox each of their gin making kits.

Steph gets the Sandy Leaf Farm kit and reveals that it comes with a bag of juniper berries and another bag of botanicals, it also comes with a cotton filter and costs £7.99.

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Stephanie pours vodka into a jar – which we add are not included and cost around £15 (vodka and jar). She then adds the juniper berries and leaves.

Four days later, Steph adds the botanicals which stay in the mixture for two days. She filters the whole mixture and then it’s ready for drinking – taking a total of six days to make.

Phil’s kit – Kitchen Provision – involved him “bunging it all in together”. The 750 ml vodka also wasn’t included but the jar, berries, botanicals, sieve and funnel were.

The Kitchen Provision kit makes more gin but costs £26. In just 24 hours Phil’s gin was ready to drink.

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Screenshot: How To Spend It Well at Christmas gin making kit – ITV

Which gin making kit was the best?

Chef Matt Tebbutt was roped in to try out Steph and Phil’s homemade gins.

The first thing Matt mentioned was the dark colour of the gins. Rather than the expected clear look, the gin had a slight yellow tinge.

Step’s was dubbed “very Christmassy” while Phil’s Kitchen Provision gin made Matt wince. He said: “It’s more like a vodka.”

When asked which gin was his favourite, Matt said: “Without a doubt, it’s Steph’s.”

So, the cheaper Sandy Leaf Farm gin kit came out on top!

Where can I buy a DIY kit?

If you’re wanting to give the gift of a homemade gin kit this Christmas then you’re in luck.

The Kitchen Provision kit can be purchased online from their website for £26.

The Sandy Leaf Farm gin kit is unfortunately out of stock as of December 18th 2019. However, the company writes on its website: “We’ve now sold out of all our stock of our small Gin Making Kits, we should be getting more in soon so follow us on Instagram @sandyleaffarm to keep updated. Also please do check out our full range of other kits here.”

Sandy Leaf Farm offers everything from cheese making kits to bacon curing kits!

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Screenshot: How To Spend It Well at Christmas gin making kit – ITV




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