X Factor star Dalton Harris is taking the U.K by storm.

The 24-year-old hails from Jamaica and flew all the way from the Caribbean for his initial audition.

That was some time ago, however, and Dalton has since made his way through the Judges Houses to earn a slot in the live finals.

Whether you’re rooting for Dalton from Jamaica or any other part of the world, here is how you can potentially register that all-import X Factor 2018 vote.

The X Factor: SR15 on ITV Pictured: Dalton Harris.

The X Factor: SR15 on ITV
Pictured: Dalton Harris.

The X Factor Mobile App

Unfortunately, the X Factor mobile app is only available for residents in the U.K.

If you try to download the X Factor app from iTunes or the Google Play Store from abroad then you will face the following message.

X Factor app

X Factor app

However, there is a way around this for some viewers.

If you have a U.K-registered bank card then you can reset the location of your Apple ID to the U.K, thus enabling you to download U.K apps for free.

To change the location of your Apple ID, follow the official instructions on the Apple website here.

If you do not have a registered U.K bank card then you can not vote for Dalton Harris via the mobile app.

How to Vote on the X Factor – Telephone

Again, only viewers in the U.K can vote for Dalton Harris via telephone.

If you have a U.K-registered mobile phone or landline, you can vote for Dalton during the X Factor live shows via the following numbers.

Vote of Dalton Harris:

From a mobile: 650 51 07
From a landline: 09020 5051 07

Who is Dalton Harris?

Although born and raised in poverty, Dalton overcame the odds when he won popular Television Jamaica singing competition Digicel Rising Stars in 2010.

Yet, despite winning $1 million Jamaican dollars as part of his Rising Stars prize money (equivalent to USD $7, 802), there has been little publication as to what the then 16-year-old did with his huge winnings.

Dalton struggled with a lot of social aspects due to his poor upbringings, such as being the member of a 25-strong family that included 22 brothers and sisters. It has been reported that most of his winnings were drained on his family and his mum.

Speaking to the Jamaican Observer, Dalton’s former music promoter, Donovan Germain, said

He (Dalton) was carrying a lot of personal baggage, based on his socialisation. I decided to do some work with him, and Headline Entertainment got him into a boarding house somewhere in Havendale, so that when school time came up, I would get to see what he was doing academically.