How to watch Bridezillas season 12 online with five different methods - WE TV, Amazon, iTunes and more!
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How to watch Bridezillas season 12 online with five different methods - WE TV, Amazon, iTunes and more!

Bridezillas are back for their 12th season – so get ready to expect the unexpected!

The 2019 series will bring us a bride in a tutu, a polygamy relationship and a marriage and a divorce – all in one night!

A premiere date is set in stone for March 15th at 10 pm WE TV. Now here are five definitive ways to watch Bridezillas season 12 online in the USA!

How to Watch Bridezillas season 12 online on – WE TV

Bridezillas season 12 premieres on March 15th, launching on WE TV at 10 pm.

This season promises to be one of the most dramatic seasons ever, filled with shocking truths, catfights, divorces and even a bizarre cousin vs cousin wedding.

If you can’t catch the premiere, then head on over to the very next day and stream it.

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How to Watch Bridezillas Season 12 Online – Amazon

If you enjoy binge-watching and already have an Amazon account then watching Bridezillas on Amazon is a great alternative.

There are two options for you to purchase.

Once the complete 22 episodes of season 12 have aired then Amazon will have the full set online.

Per season 11, you can purchase the entire season in either high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD).

The entire season in HD and SD is only $24.99. If that seems a little expensive then there is the option to buy per episode. HD episodes are $2.99 while SD episodes are $1.99.

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Watch Bridezillas Season 12 Online – iTunes

If you don’t have cable or an Amazon account, but you have iTunes, then you’re more than just covered.

The great thing about iTunes is that you can watch it on any iOS device – iPhone, Macbooks, iPads, etc.

However, the prices are no different than on Amazon.

iTunes has something called a season pass which allows you to be notified once a new episode is available.

As per the 11th season of Bridezillas on iTunes, you can either buy the entire season with a season pass for $24.99 for either HD or SD.

If that is too expensive, then there is always the option to buy each episode for $2.99 for the HD option or $1.99 for the SD option.

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How to Watch Bridezillas Season 12 Online – YouTube

Great news – YouTube also has Bridezillas!

Unfortunately, season 12 will most likely be uploaded once the season ends airing on TV.

Just like Amazon and iTunes, there is an option to either pay for each episode or the entire season once it uploads.

Just like the former two options, so far the latest season uploaded is season 11 and for the entire season, it’s $24.99.

However, unlike the other two options, the episodes are cheaper at only $1.99.

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Watch Bridezillas Season 12 Online – Google Play

Anyone with a Google Play account is also able to catch season 12 once it’s off the air!

Just like Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube you can buy the entire season for $24.99

However, just like YouTube, each episode is only $1.99.

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Can you watch Bridezillas season 12 on Vudu? Netflix?


Unfortunately, the Bridezillas series isn’t offered on the Vudu platform or Netflix.

We’re not too hopeful that Vudu will be offering the series any time soon.


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