The latest series from BTS, In The Soop, has just premiered, but fans around the world need to know exactly how and where they can watch episode 1.

I’m sure you have seen on social media already, but there is a brand-new TV show from BTS, called ‘In The Soop’.

The first of the eight-part series has only just premiered, but fans are desperate to know how they can watch the show online.

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How to watch In The Soop…

  • Viewers in Korea can watch In The Soop via JTBC and international audiences can watch In The Soop via Weverse.

Episodes on JTBC will last 60 minutes, whereas they will be an extra 20 minutes of content on the Weverse app.

You can watch In the Soop on the Weverse website, but remember that not all of the content on there is free – so, expect to pay a small fee for each episode. You can also download the Weverse app for free via the App Store or the Google Play Store.


In The Soop will premiere every Wednesday on JTBC and Thursday on Weverse, we will bring you exact times each week – so keep checking back in!

How to watch In The Soop behind the scenes…

  • You can watch the behind-the-scenes videos from the series online via Weverse every Tuesday.

The ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ (BTS) content is exclusive to the Weverse platform and will provide background footage and interviews from that week’s episode.

Each week will have a different number of additional videos, but it’s enough new BTS content to get us through those extra few hours before the next episode premieres.

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