How would you explain Love Island to Aliens?

Love Island is a pretty weird concept.

And here at realitytitbit, that got us thinking – what on earth would aliens think?

If intergalactic aliens beamed into our solar system, hovered their mothership above the U.K and fought off Will Smith in a mini alien cruiser, what would they make of Love Island?

Here’s what we think would happen if aliens met a Love Island advert…

Love Island 2018

Tell us, puny beings, what is this Love Island?

Love Island is a reality TV show.

It’s where the male human species and the female human species go to try and find love.

The two species co-exist for around eight weeks, hoping to find the perfect partner.

So to find ‘love’, you must go on this ‘Love Island’?

Erm no, not quite.

Anyone can find love in the human world.

But there is a greater chance of finding love in this ‘Love Island’?

Definitely not. Actually, it’s the opposite.

By going on Love Island, it drastically reduces the number of humans that you can interact with.

It also narrows the variety of humans you meet, as the humans inside Love Island are pre-selected.

So going on Love Island is not about finding Love?

No, it’s not. That didn’t take long to crack.

By going on Love Island, humans significantly increase their chances of becoming rich and famous.

The humans on Love Island are being broadcasted to the rest of the planet, making them what we call ‘celebrities’.

There is also a prize of £50,000 for the two people who are the most in love.

Now I get it. Love is about being a celebrity, being rich and famous, and having money?

Erm, to some people, yes, love can mean that.

The more common meaning of love is related to how one human feels towards another human.

Love is a strong feeling of affection that humans feel for one other, get it?

Sounds stupid. Surely being rich would allow you to acquire more laser guns?


Maybe you should just join Love Island.

Yes. Maybe.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Because we definitely don’t already have a £25,000 alien decoy infiltrating your puny human world…

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