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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 Rodrigo and Ben Jardine

Human Ken doll Rodrigo is openly gay: What about Ben Jardine?

Celebrity Big Brother star and ‘human Ken doll’ Rodrigo Alves came out as openly gay during the first few days inside the CBB house.

Since then, Rodrigo has struck a close relationship with co-star Ben Jardine.

Rodrigo tenderly kissed Ben’s neck as the pair playfully flirted during day six inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

So what is Ben Jardine’s sexuality? Is he gay?

Does he have a girlfriend? Has he ever been married?

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Ben Jardine

Rodrigo Alves’ Sexuality

Human Ken doll, Rodrigo, has previously shared his thoughts on sexuality, revealing that “people shouldn’t be forced to identify as a particular gender”.

The man, who spent almost £500,000 on various surgery procedures to look like Ken doll, has also previously said that he is asexual, meaning he has no sexual feelings or desires.

However, on day one of Celebrity Big Brother, Rodrigo was seen flirting with Ben Jardine in the bedroom. As Ben walked away, Rodrigo asked Chloe Ayling: “Is he gay?”.

Rodrigo also said to Chloe: “I am openly gay, darling.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo and Ben Jardine

Rodrigo and Ben Jardine have been playfully flirting throughout the first week of Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

Most recently, the fun-loving duo exchanged words as they passed through a doorway.

They embraced, joking about “having a play” in the bedroom.

Rodrigo nuzzled into Ben’s neck and said “we can play”, before seductively kissing him around the collar.

Ben laughed, telling Rodrigo to get into his “nightgown”, who then replied with “what are we going to play?”

Ben said: I don’t know yet, let’s have a little think.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Rodrigo and Ben Jardine.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Rodrigo and Ben Jardine.

Ben Jardine’s Sexuality

Ben Jardine has never expressed any other sexuality than straight.

The 36-year-old businessman is famous for his stint on Channel 4 experimental series Married at First Sight, which aired in September 2017.

On the series, Ben married Stephanie, meeting her for the first time at the altar. The premise of the show matches two strangers based on “science”.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Ben Jardine.

Ben Jardine’s Ex-wife

Ben supposedly cheated on wife Stephanie with another woman, which is why they broke up.

In a string of emotional videos on Instagram, Stephanie addressed the issue.

Stephanie said: I started to shake as I opened my phone and clicked on a link someone had sent. There was my husband sitting there laughing and joking about how he had cheated on me and we were getting divorced.

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

I literally fell to my knees. I was shaking like a leaf and sobbing so hard that my friend started to panic. There was just too much to process. He was divorcing me. He had cheated on me.”

Before this relationship, Ben was with another woman for 12 years. They broke up 10 months before he appeared on Married at First Sight.

What next for Ben Jardine’s dramatic love life?



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