When is the Hunted 2019 final? What is the prize money?

Following consecutive series of Celebrity Hunted, Channel 4 have reverted back to their old format.

Featuring 10 civilians on the run from a specially selected group of former police officers and investigators, Hunted 2019 has been one the most-watched reality TV series over January.

But when is the Hunted 2019 final? And what is the prize money?

Left to right: – Nick, Matt, Jess, Ismail, Nathanael, Frank, Emma, Harry, Loren and Paul.

How Many Episodes are Left?

Only two!

The series will run for six straight episodes, with two episodes left.

The final will air on Thursday, February 14th, on E4, at 9 pm – that’s Valentines Day for those of you that have forgotten to organise a dinner for your girlfriend!

Zoe Spinner with HQ Hunters

Hunted 2019 Contestants

This time around there are 10 civilians looking to remain on the run for 25 days.

This includes four teams and two individuals.

Paul and Nick

Paul James (48) and Nick Batchelor (51) are the oldest team in the competition, hailing from Hertfordshire and Kent respectively.

Paul is a construction manager by trade while Nick is a youth worker. Together, they believe that they can outsmart the hunters by trailing breadcrumbs in the wrong direction.

A risky tactic that could either pay off significantly or immediately implode. Either way, they’re well equipped for a spot of rain…

Hunted 4 – Fugitive Specials – Paul and Nick

Harry and Frank

In stark contrast, Harry (20) and Frank (23) are the youngest team in the game.

The brothers from Essex will be hoping to use Harry’s acting abilities to wriggle out of tight spots, with the 20-year-old a current drama student.

Harry told Channel 4 the reason behind his motivation to compete in the TV series:

I feel like my stereotype is … I don’t know… a gay man. That I can’t do some things that other people can do. That was one of my reasons, and to spend some time with Frank.

Frank and Harry

Emma and Jess

Devon girls Emma Davidson (23) and Jess Kirkham (27) both work at Derriford Hospital.

Emma works in neo-natal intensive care while Jess is a neuro intensive care nurse. Together, they hope to escape the clutches of the Hunters through a variety of disguises.

Not sure the bright orange glasses will help, mind…

Jess and Emma

Nathanael and Ismail

The final team in Hunted 2019 is architectural enthusiasts Nathanael Watt (26) and Ismail Haruna (27).

Both from Nottingham, Nathanael is an architecture student and Ismael is an architectural technologist.

Nate told Channel 4:

I like the idea of avoiding large cities. Being cautious about CCTV and surveillance in really densely populated areas. So I think going down a more rural route is a good idea.

Nathanael and Ismail

Matt Mason

Perhaps the stand-out favourite is 29-year-old Matt Mason.

Matt is a former Royal Marine and is likely to have an edge over the competition with his training in survival and stealth.

He has served in three Afghanistan tours and will surely prove the biggest problem for the experienced Hunters.

Here’s a man that sounds both confident and motivated:

To take part in Hunted will give me a great opportunity to win a substantial amount of money, whether it will be ten grand or a hundred, to support my family. Especially giving my wife a few more months if not years off work, so that she can look after and help develop my nine-month-old son.

Hunted 4 – Fugitive Specials – Matt

Loren Hannon

Twenty-six-year-old Loren is the last piece of the jigsaw for the Hunters.

She is from Essex and a personal trainer.

Hunted 4 – Fugitive Specials – Loren

Hunted: Prize Money

The winner of the year’s competition – whether a team or individual – will walk away with £100,000 in prize money.

While there is no confirmation as to whether there will be a series 5, it’s worth keeping an eye on huntedapplications.com.

Here, you can apply to be on the series and earn yourself a shot at that £100k.




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