Who are the Hunted 2020 hunters? - Meet Ben Owen and the team!

Channel 4 series Hunted 2020 features 10 civilians on the run and a team of 30 specialists attempting to track them down.

Each episode, C4 introduce the group of investigators as a team of former and current members of the police force without giving us much info on the individuals.

They’re out to do their very best to ensure that none of the contestants manage to bag the £100k prize money.

So, let’s meet the cast of Hunted 2020 – who are the hunters?

Screenshot: Hunted Ben – Channel 4

Hunted 2020 Hunters – Ben Owen

Ben Owen is a key figure in Hunted 2020, offering a delightful amount of sarcasm and sass on top of his regular duties.

The police deputy chief is an ex-military sniper and member of the British Military Intelligence. He’s definitely the closest cast member to a real-life James Bond!

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Ben also appeared on the U.S.A spinoff!

Screenshot: Hunted Ben – Channel 4

Zoe Spinner

Zoe is the deputy head at Hunted and while she may not be the face of the show, she is the ears and eye behind the scenes.

She’s an expert in surveillance and covert intelligence, casting her watchful eye over the huge network of security cameras that Hunted have access too.

A former international netball player up to U21’s, Zoe now works with London-based technology identity company Yoti.

Hattie Haslam-Greene

By the looks of things, Hattie is Ben’s other right-hand woman.

Taking technical surveillance to the next level, Hattie is one of the team working hard at Hunted HQ.

Follow Hattie on Instagram as @hattie_hg where she has around 350 followers.

Julie Clegg is also a cyber Hunter on Hunted while Michelle Mclachlan (@michellemclachlanhunted) is part of the Ground Hunting team.

Hunted 2020: Episodes

The brand new series of Hunted launched on Thursday, February 13th.

Hunted 2020 will continue to air every Thursday on Channel 4, at 9 pm.

Most series of Hunted run for six straight episodes, so we can assume that series 5 will be the same.

Hunted: Prize Money

The winner of the year’s competition – whether a team or individual – will walk away with £100,000 in prize money.

There has already been confirmation that there will be a series 6 of Hunted, so if you fancy applying, head over to huntedapplications.com.

Here, you can apply to be on the series and earn yourself a shot at that £100k!




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