Discovery show Gold Rush has been running over a decade in 2021. The series follows different crews as they dig for gold and hope to make their fortune. Some of the teams on Gold Rush are good friends while others are family such as the Beets.

Gold miners such as Parker Schnabel and Monica Beets were born into the field. So, let’s find out more about another third-generation gold miner, Hunter Hoffman – see the Gold Rush star in 2021.

hunter hoffman gold rush
Screenshot: Meet Hunter Hoffman | Gold Rush

Who are the Hoffmans?

Todd Hoffman is the man responsible for essentially bringing the idea of Gold Rush to Discovery as a TV show idea.

He has gold mining in his blood as his father, Jack, mined for gold in the eighties. Todd appeared on the Discovery show for eight seasons before leaving in 2018.

The Hoffman family is made up of Jack (Todd’s father), Todd and Hunter.

In 2021, Todd and his family are heading back to gold mining in a new series called Hoffman Family Gold.

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Hunter Hoffman on Gold Rush

Hunter Hoffman is practically Gold Rush royalty. His dad is Todd and his grandfather is Jack Hoffman.

The 22-year-old appeared on the Discovery show all the way back when he was just a young child. Hunter could’ve been around 12 years old during some Gold Rush episodes.

He can be seen during the show saying that it was “kind of boring watching them move mud.

When he got a bit older, around 16 years old, he said he was willing to help out with whatever needed doing and took on any tasks his dad threw at him. Hunter left the show along with his dad in 2018. However, he’ll be back on Hoffman Family Gold in 2022.

Ghost Hunters | Official Trailer | discovery+

Ghost Hunters | Official Trailer | discovery+

Gold Rush’s Hunter in 2021

Hunter Hoffman was born on March 4th, 1999. So, the kid that was once helping his dad out on Gold Rush is now a 22-year-old man.

These days, Hunter sports a bleach blonde hairdo and looks to have quite an artsy Instagram profile. Find Hunter @hunterhoffman with almost 25k followers.

Judging by his Instagram page, Hunter has a clothing and apparel brand called Seven Cowboys. He has a younger brother named Hudson who’s also on IG.

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