Hunter Hoffman is joining his father Todd for Discovery’s Hoffman Family Gold, providing an insight into the stacks of gold they find while mining. He’s already amassed a huge fortune following in his parent’s footsteps.

With a goal to uncover more golden gems, Todd won’t be alone when it comes to mining this season. His son Hunter and own father Jack (Hunter’s grandfather) will be on hand – two extra pairs of eyes – to find gold to sell on for profit.

Three generations are coming together to put the Hoffman mark on the Alaskan wilderness. Luckily for viewers, they get to watch it all unfold from March 25th 2022. The real question is – how much is Hunter worth today?

Hunter Hoffman’s net worth

Hunter may only be 23 years old but he is already worth $500K as of 2021. He was practically born into gold and first appeared on Gold Rush alongside his dad – all the way back when he was just a young child.

Aside from his gold-mining work, Todd’s son has his own clothing business Seven Cowboys. He also sells gold necklaces through the company, including an Alaskan Gold Nugget chain for $650!

Hats, jackets, hoodies and crop tops are also sold on the online biz, all run by the entrepreneur. And now that he is starring on the family-based show, Hunter will only be upping his net worth with a Discovery salary.

His dad Todd is worth millions

Todd has accumulated millions from gold-mining, and now has a whopping $8 million to his name. With extra bucks paid to him by Discovery, this only adds to the huge fortune he holds from the money-making industry.

The goldminer says in the series trailer for his show: “Three years ago I walked away from gold mining a beaten man. Now, I’m going back to Alaska, I know its a long shot, its our last shot…

It’s no wonder that Todd is returning to the field, as per Looper: “Hoffman claims his crew pulled over $10 million dollars worth of shiny yellow rocks out of the ground over the course of eight seasons on Gold Rush.

The Hoffman son’s luxury lifestyle

Hunter is living a life of luxury, and is often seen posing in front of flashy cars and massive swimming pools. Most of his Instagram pictures are worthy of an album cover due to his expensive lifestyle!

He did state on one flashy car pic that the vehicle “isn’t mine”, but has often been pictured in front of helicopters, other pricey cars and mansions. Even the machine he drives on the Discovery show is the same price as a new Lamborghini.

From playing cards at a cowboy ranch to regularly going on vacation, Hunter doesn’t seem to have a problem when it comes to money. It’s clear that he has inherited his father Todd’s eye for gold – and it’s seriously paying off.



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