Ibiza Weekender 2019 - 5 things you NEED to KNOW about Savvas!

Ibiza Weekender is back and there are a ton of new characters.

We’ve been introduced to Natasha, Chloe and Isobel, and now there’s an intern who will be thrown into the lion’s den.

Here is everything you need to know about Savvas!

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Pictured: (L-R) Savvas, Tash, Callum, Chloe, David, Isobel, Jordan.

What’s His Real Name?

Savvas looks like he could be the brunt of the joke for season 5.

For the first time ever, Ibiza Weekender have taken on an intern.

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While Savvas may receive nicknames such as ‘junior’ and ‘work experience kid’, his real name is Savvas Georgiou. 

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 5

How Old is He?

Although we don’t have an exact age, Savvas did past his driving test in the summer of 2015.

First time as well, in case you wondering him.

This makes him around 21/22 years old, just like the other new reps.

Where is Savvas From?

According to his Instagram, Savvas is dual nationality.

He’s half Greek/Cypriot, which would explain the name. 

However, David ‘El Jefe’ Potts has been selling Savvas as if he is some sort of super exotic import, straight from the coastline of Greece.

Looking at his Insta though, it looks as if Savvas grew up in Stoke. Which would explain the accent!

He’s in Great Shape

It kind of comes with the job title, to be fair.

To be on Ibiza Weekender then you have to have a decent rig.

Enter Savvas…


Savvas is the Competitive Type

Whether it’s football, golf or boxing, Savvas enjoys the competitive side of sports.

Here he is on Instagram calling out a friend after beating his record on a punch machine.

We can’t wait to see how that alpha masculine personality mixes with Jordan Davies!



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