Ibiza Weekender is set for another two raunchy seasons in the sun, with Twofour and Motion Content Group commissioning 20 more hour-long episodes of the ITV2 series.

But, that’s not the only good news. Ibiza Weekender getting a spin-off series!

Holy guacamole.

Shut the front door.

Hold my beer.

Here’s how YOU can apply…

What is the Ibiza Weekender Spin-off?

Ibiza Weekender’s spin-off series is called ‘The Weekender Boat Party’ and will feature six 60-minute episodes.

This new format welcomes a mix of favourite and new weekender reps facing a totally new challenge – working aboard a yacht.

Oh dear.

El Jefe definitely looks like the seasick type!

Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Head rep David (El Jefe) – Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

The Ibiza Weekender crew will visit all the usual White Isle party hotspots in a hop-on-hop-off style tour.

Think Coach Trip with a lot more booze.

Will it be on ITV2?

The last Weekender series concluded with its highest viewing figures yet, peaking at one million.


It looks like ITV2 are keen to continue their ownership of the show, with ITV2 commissioner Satmohan Panesar, saying:

“There is only one Weekender and its ever-growing young audience are in for a treat when we set sail this summer and then return to Ibiza for more high jinx with our favourite group of reps.”

How Can I apply?

Both Ibiza Weekender and its spin-off series ‘The Weekender Boat Party’ is accepting applications now.

You can apply to be a rep on the yacht or a party guest for the weekend.

Pictured: (l-r) Ibiza Reps Deano, Molly, David, Marlie, Jordon and Chyna

JOIN the Ibiza Weekender crew, ITV2

Simply fill in the two application forms here – shortaudition.com/WeekenderRep and shortaudition.com/WeekenderGuest.

Or, send an email to [email protected] and [email protected].

What Should I Say?

Whatever You Want!

Good grammar and the ability to display varied sentence structures are not going to win you a place on Ibiza Weekender 2018.

Use the vocabulary you spit in everyday life with friends, speak as if you are talking face to face with the producers over a cuppa tea and make your written answers sound like you.


It may sound kind of stupid but, obviously, don’t lie. Even the smallest white lie is likely to face repercussions.

Tell the truth, be confident about how interesting you are as a person, and understand that it’s the role of the casting team to sniff out your bull.


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