Channel 4 are launching a shocking one-off documentary tonight (Monday, February 4th).

Teachers Training to Kill focuses on schools in Butler County, Ohio, where the local Sheriff has attempted to demand that all teachers are armed with firearms.

The 75-minute documentary follows Sheriff Richard Jones as he takes teachers on ‘gun-training summer schools’ where they are taught how to respond to situations such as locking down a primary school with a rampant shooter on the loose.

TraiTraining Teachers to Killning Teachers to Kill
Training Teachers to Kill

Where is Training Teachers to Kill Set?

Training Teachers to Kill is set in Butler County, Ohio.

In 2016, eight people were killed in Pike County, Ohio, due to a mass shooting.

Since then, and following other shooting incidents across the United States, America has been divided on the topic of arming school teachers with guns as a form of protection.

In Ohio, the law permits that school boards can decide whether teachers and other staff are allowed to enter the premise armed with a loaded firearm.

The only condition is that those on the school site have basic peace officer training program.

What is the ‘Gun Summer School’?

The summer school was featured in Teachers Training to Kill is called Faster.

Gun’s right group, Faster, offer free gun training, where teachers learn how to use guns, deal with potential school shooting scenarios and even kill.

The training programme is particularly popular in Butler County thanks to Sheriff Richard Jones, who is a keen advocator of arming teachers.

In fact, he offers free gun-training lessons himself.

Who is Sheriff Jones?

The Ohio Sheriff is never far away from controversy and has been running free gun glasses for several years.

Although a pupil from one of the school’s under his jurisdiction, Hamilton Freshman School, was caught with a loaded gun in December 2018, Richard continued to run his free gun training service three weeks later.

Posted by Butler County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 20 December 2018


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