There’s nothing quite like a brand new Netflix series to get stuck into and following the success of international series such as Money Heist and Squid Game, it looks like a new release from Netflix España has the potential to be a huge hit, too.

Insiders is a new Netflix series in 2021. Released first in the USA and Spain, it’s due to release in the UK in October and, by the looks of the trailer, it’s a very interesting concept. So, without further adieu, let’s get to know more about the Insiders cast.

insiders netflix cast
Screenshot: Insiders – Netflix

What is Insiders about?

Taking the term ‘reality TV’ very literally, Insiders sees 12 contestants placed into a house but they’re under the illusion that they’re in the final phase of a casting for a reality TV show, but little do they know, they’re already on it and are being filmed. The contestants look terrified at times, there are shocks and surprises around every corner.

Imagine Big Brother, The Circle and Hunger Games combined, the show appears to be like no other and also features a slightly eery feel.

Mind games, manipulation, tears and ugly truths come out in this unique series.

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Insiders UK release date

Although Insiders is available to watch on Netflix in certain countries such as the USA and Spain, it’s not yet available in the UK.

The show’s release date as per Foss Bytes is October 21st, so it may be that UK viewers will get access to the show’s episodes later in the day on the 21st.

The series sees the people behind the show combine the contestants’ data to draw a profile of the ‘perfect contestant’. So, let’s take a look at the peoples’ data they’re assessing…

Glória | Official Trailer | Netflix

Glória | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix: Meet the Insiders cast

Netflix’s first original Spanish reality show is hosted by Najwa Nimri.

The competition features the following contestants all looking to bag the cash prize of over £100k:

  • Laura, 25, Madrid
  • Tatiana, 28, Malaga
  • Estefania, 29, Valencia
  • Barbara, Madrid
  • Nicole, 27, Canary Islands
  • Ivan, 29, Valencia
  • Hugo, Madrid (@hugo_ruizherrero)
  • Peter
  • Fama Marong, 26, Blanes (@famamarong)
  • Ivan, Ibiza
  • Olaya, 21
  • Francisco
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