Interview: Where is Made in Chelsea's Melody? - Jamie Laing's ex-girl!

Realitytitbit caught up with Made in Chelsea series 15 star Melody Jane Schneider.

The stunner from South Africa jetted into London with Jamie Laing before disappearing a few episodes later.

But, after shutting down Jamie with more sass than the rest of the MIC cast put together, what happened to our favourite MIC character?

WARNING: She is just as amazing as shown in Made in Chelsea.

Yo Mel, so what the hell happened – we miss you!


So I stayed in London for a while, you know it’s not like I just went straight back to Cape Town.

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Unfortunately, there’s just been other storylines to focus on, though, and that’s how it works.

Ahh bummer, so you’re not back in MIC at all?

No, not in this series.

Who knows about the future, though.

But you shut down Jamie so good!

I know, right!

I’m naturally quite a fiery person but only when necessary.

Like, I’m never rude or snappy for no reason, they have to deserve it, and I feel like Jamie definitely deserved it (so do we).

Had you watched Made in Chelsea before rocking up to Ltown?

Oh my god, honestly, I have to say no.

I didn’t watch it all before I came (to London) and then once I knew I was going to be in a few episodes then I purposely didn’t watch it make sure that I didn’t make any preconceptions about anyone.

And you enjoyed your time on the show?

Yeah, so I came on the show because of what was going on at the time with Jamie.

Obviously, the stuff that went on with Jamie wasn’t that great (awkwardly laughs out loud) but the actual experience was really fun.

And you made friends… kind of?

Yeah, well, I mean…

I didn’t have issues with anyone – like even me and Frankie (Gaff) didn’t have an issue – it was just beef between me and Jamie.

So what do you LOVE and HATE about London?

I love that there is so much happening in London, and I love how many different parts of the city there is.

Like, North London is a completely different world to Central.

We live in Cape Town, which is so small, so we don’t really get that sort of nightlife.

I’ve got to say I think I prefer the food in Cape Town, though. I wouldn’t use the word hate – there is amazing food in London – I just prefer Cape Town.

Will we ever see you again?

Who knows!

I’m always open to ideas. I wouldn’t go on a TV show just to try and be a celebrity but I’m willing to listen to the right ideas.

Check out Melody on Instagram @melodyjaneschneider

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