Baking Impossible is a new ingenious Netflix series in 2021 created by Great British Bake Off’s Andrew Smyth. Combining his loves for both engineering and baking, Andrew has come up with the concept of ‘bakineering’.

Skilled bakers and talented engineers are paired together for the series, they’ve never met before but they have to work in teams in order to win the show. The series is made up of eight episodes. So, lte’s take a look at whether the Netflix show is filmed in one day.

Baking Impossible: Season 1. c. Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Is Baking Impossible filmed in one day?

No, Netflix series Baking Impossible took around two months to film. Speaking to Ace Weekly, one of the contestants, Brandi Romines, said that two months away from home in California filming as a cheftestant was “just about unbearable.

According to a Tweet from Brandi, the cast members may appear to be wearing the same outfit over and over but it’s because some of the episodes took two to four days to film.

Netflix show’s filming location explored

As revealed by Brandi and the show’s creator Andrew Smyth, the Netflix show was filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Anyone who has streamed the show will have seen the pairs’ workspaces set up on the set of Baking Impossible. However, the filming process wasn’t as simple as it comes across as the series was filmed during Covid-19.

Speaking to Irish News, Andrew said: “Filming was postponed twice, and then I had to get a special exemption visa to be able to fly over as we filmed in September 2020 when US entry restrictions were extremely strict.”

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baking Impossible viewers question the show’s filming

Each episode, the contestants had to create something edible yet functioning. While most people were concentrating on what the pairs were making, others couldn’t help but notice the contestants’ outfits.

One person wrote on Twitter: “hi u were awesome but please tell me with so many hours each episode why do you all wear the same clothes?

Contestant Brandi replied: “Primarily editing purposes. But think of our clothing as a uniform. We had to have 3 of each item. So I have 3 sweaters, 3 black pants, etc. So it may appear we never left during some episodes, several of them are broken up over 2,3,4 days.”

The contestants’ clothing remaining the same over many episodes led viewers to think that the show could’ve been filmed in just one day but it appears that it was filmed over a much longer time frame and that the same outfits were used to help with the show’s editing process.



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