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is blind frog ranch on tonight

Some mysteries remain unsolved as Blind Frog Ranch wraps season 2

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch first launched on the Discovery Channel in 2021. Duane and Chad Ollinger purchased Blind Frog Ranch in Utah and have been uncovering mysteries ever since they moved there. All kinds of unusual events have taken place at the Utah ranch and there was so much going on that the family had the show renewed for a second season.

The Ollingers have been hunting for treasure, extracting wooden boxes from caverns, identifying liquid metals and much more during season 2. The show usually airs at 10/9C on the Discovery Channel. So, let’s find out more about whether Blind Frog Ranch is on tonight…

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Blind Frog Ranch season 2 explored

On January 7th, 2022, a brand new season on Blind Frog Ranch launched.

Season 1 of the show had to wrap due to the Winter coming along, Chad, Duane and the team couldn’t continue mystery hunting in those conditions.

So, the show returned for eight episodes in 2022 and investigations continued on the sprawling 160-acre property in Utah’s Uintah Basin.

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What has been found at Blind Frog Ranch so far?

Aztec treasure was one of the main things that the Ollingers were looking for at Blind Frog Ranch.

Season 1 saw Duane, Chad, Charlie Snider, Eric Drummond and Jamie Dube uncover some ancient coins, but Aztec gold is still yet to be found.

The team found bored rocks, liquid metal and extracted a box from a cavern, however, the men were often thrown off their investigations due to all kinds of hiccups.

Intruders on the land, poisonous gas, radioactivity and a murder investigation were just some of the obstacles in their way.

Is Blind Frog Ranch on tonight?

No, Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch isn’t on tonight (March 18th, 2022).

The second season of the show was made up of eight episodes and the eighth aired on March 4th, 2022.

The final episode of the season saw the team overcome by a deadly and invisible gas cloud and many mysteries still remain unsolved.

Both seasons of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch can be streamed via Discovery Plus.

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