Last week brought us the incredible story of Britain’s Flashiest Families.

The Channel 5 show introduced us to the likes of Lizzie, who spent £7,000 on her pet Chihuahua’s birthday party, and LDN Muscle founders Tom and James Exton.

So, is the flashy C5 show on again tonight?

Is Britain’s Flashiest Families on Tonight?


Unfortunately, Britain’s Flashiest Families is not on TV tonight.

The Channel 5 show was a one-off programme.

Watch Britain’s Flashiest Families Online

If you missed the episode or simply fancy rewatching Chihuahua Oscar’s lavish party then Britain’s Flashiest Families is available online.

Head over to the official Channel 5 media player, MY5.

More New Channel 5 Series

If you’re after more new and golden TV content, Channel 5 recently launched a new Tuesday-night reality TV series called The Sex Business.

It airs on FIVE STAR at 10 pm.

Sex Business – Ep 1 – Porn Stars – Jess and Billy, porn performers

This documentary on the U.K sex business covers street prostitution, home-based sex work, the lives of porn stars and escort work.

You can expect to see extremely graphic scenes and real sex workers taking part in the production of pornographic films.

Episode 1 covers porn stars and “how surface glamour masks the costs paid by these performers”.



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