Celebs Go Dating is an addictive reality TV show that brings us tears of laughter and moments of sheer cringeworthiness in equal measure.

There’s a brand new rabble of single celebrities ready to take on the dating world as of Monday, February 24th 2020. Matchmaking the famous faces are dynamic life coaching duo, Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson.

The Channel 4 show is narrated by comic Rob Beckett for another series while Tom Read Wilson is back as the agency’s receptionist.

Series 8 of the show is proving to be one of the most entertaining yet. So, is Celebs Go Dating on tonight?

Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight https://www.channel4.com/press/image-search?search=celebs%20go%20dating
Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight? Tom Read Wilson – Channel 4

Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight?

Yes. Celebs Go Dating is on tonight (Tuesday, March 3rd 2020)!

By the looks of things, the Channel 4 show airs each day besides Saturday in 2020.

If you ever miss an episode and want to catch up with Celebs Go Dating on demand, then you can head over to ALL4 where each episode is uploaded shortly after airing.

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Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight https://www.channel4.com/now/e4
Screenshot: Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight? 2020 – Channel 4

When does the 2020 series air?

Although Celebs Go Dating on a Saturday is a no-no, thankfully, it does air every day of the rest of the week.

You can watch new episodes of Celebs Go Dating every weekday and Sunday from Monday, February 24th 2020. Episodes air at 9 pm on E4.

The eighth series of the show sees Dean Gaffney, Amy Childs, James Lock, Malique Thomson Dwyer, Amy Hart, Liv Bentley, Josh Ritchie and Alison Hammond in the celebrity line-up.

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