is chase still on fixer to fabulous

What happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous, is he still on the show?

HGTV is the go-to TV channel for anyone who loves home and garden shows. From renovating homes to finding people their dream homes, there’s a huge variety of shows to watch on HGTV. Fixer to Fabulous first launched on the network in 2019 and in 2021, it’s onto its third season. The show focuses on the restoration of historic homes in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Jenny and Dave Marrs are the husband and wife dup transforming people’s homes from drab to downright stunning. The homeowners often enter their house following Fixer to Fabulous totally gobsmacked. Many ask if it really is the same home as Jenny and Dave have renovated inside and out. However, the Fixer to Fabulous team doesn’t just stop at the married couple. There are more cast members who help out with the renovations such as Chase Looney. So, where is Chase on Fixer to Fabulous? Is he still on the show in 2021?

Screenshot: Jenny & Dave Update A House From The 1900s! | Fixer To Fabulous

Meet Chase on Fixer to Fabulous

Chase Looney is a carpenter and construction manager who is best known for appearing on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous.

As per his blog, Chase began training as a carpenter at the age of 14. By the age of 20, he was a master carpenter and following this achievement, Chase went on to join the Bentonville Fire Department in 2009.

He met Jenny and Dave Marrs in 2012 and went on to join Fixer to Fabulous in 2019. Chase also writes on his blog that his life is all about family.

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What happened to the construction manager’s eye?

Writing on his Chisel and Sawdust blog page, Chase explained that he lost his eye in an accident: “I lost my eye in a tragic accident days after filming the pilot episode of the show.

During a family Fourth of July gathering, Chase lost his eye due to a firework accident.

He was rushed to the hospital and was told he had to have his eye removed.

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous?

Yes, Chase is still on Fixer to Fabulous. The construction manager is a vital part of the team on the HGTV show, so, we can’t imagine that he’d be leaving Jenny and Dave any time soon.

Distractify reported in February 2021 that Chase may not be in every single episode of the show, but he’s still on Fixer to Fabulous in 2021: “…his absence is sorely felt whenever he doesn’t appear in an episode of the show. But don’t worry — he’s not going anywhere!

Sometimes, other construction workers can be seen featuring on the show, but it appears that Chase Looney is definitely a fan favourite. He’s been on the show since season 1.

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