Is Chris Packham vegan? A look at the Animal Einsteins host's diet

Is Chris Packham vegan? The Animal Einsteins host has some Twitter users confused as he’s said to also support the meat and dairy industry. Let’s take a look at the nature programme host and what kind of diet he adopts in 2021.

Given that Chris Packham is a conservationist and wildlife campaigner, it would make sense for him to adopt a vegan diet. The benefits of following a vegan diet are supposed to go beyond the individual and their health, but veganism is also said to be more ethical and eco-friendly for the world as a whole.

Chris Packham

Is Chris Packham vegan?

Yes, Chris Packham is vegan. The 59-year-old took part in Veganuary in 2019 and has since kept the diet in place.

In 2018, Chris was announced as a Veganuary ambassador. According to the Veganuary website, Chris was concerned about being able to eat biscuits on the vegan diet.

The site explains: “A year on, Chris remains vegan, and is a true champion of animals – both farmed and wild. We are proud and delighted to have his support as a Veganuary Ambassador.”

Prior to taking part in Veganuary 2019, Chris was a pescetarian.

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He often takes to Twitter to share his views on things and March 18th saw Chris use his platform to urge people to stop breeding ‘Franken-chickens’.

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Who is Chris married to?

Chris isn’t married, but he is in a longterm relationship with the owner of the Isle of Wight Zoo – Charlotte Corney.

It’s not known whether Charlotte is also vegan. But, the couple doesn’t live together so Chris should be able to stick to his diet pretty easily.

Chris has a step-daughter, Megan McCubbin, from a previous long-term relationship with Jo McCubbin.

Chris Packham: Poodles

Speaking to The Guardian in 2019, Chris Packham said that he was told that he couldn’t be vegan and keep his pet poodle, Scratchy.

He wrote: “The intolerance of ultra-vegans is so off-putting. You’re never going to win an argument by insulting and belittling people“.

Thankfully, Chris hasn’t listened to the remarks of others and still has pet poodles. He now has a pair of poodles named Sid and Nancy. The dogs have featured on BBC Two’s Animal Einsteins.

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