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Here's a Crufts drinking game to pass the weekend - when is it on TV?

The weekend is here and it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa with a host of dogs dancing about the screen.

Crufts is a staple part of any dog lovers yearly calendar while it also presents everyone else with an excuse to watch random acts of canine madness that you’d never seriously consider.

Heelwork to Music display at 7 pm on a Saturday? Yeah, sounds perfect!

Here’s everything you need to know about watching Crufts 2019 today and a little drinking game in case you fancy spicing things up a bit.

Crufts is the world’s greatest dog show and this year will see more than 21,000 healthy, happy dogs competing for the coveted ‘Best in Show’ title.

Is Crufts on TV today?


Crufts 2019 is on TV today (Saturday, March 9th).

Throughout the day the Crufts YouTube channel will be broadcasting a live stream of events, which you can watch below.

However, most people will save themselves for finals, which take place in the evening.

Watch Crufts 2019 on TV tonight

Channel 4 are providing extensive coverage of the entire Crufts competition each evening.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s coverage will air on Channel 4 from 7.30pm-9 pm.

It is also available on Channel 4 +1.

On Sunday, the Best in Show contest will commence in the early evening, featuring all the winners from each individual dog breed.

Crufts: Drinking game rules

That’s Pony:

The last one to shout “that’s pony” when a dog or its owner makes a mistake must drink two fingers of their beverage.

It’s funny because they’re not actually horses but dogs. Ha.


Every time a dog has a similar hair doo to someone in the room, everyone stare at that person.

That person must drink two fingers of their beverage if EVERYONE is looking at them.

Reflection Rules:

They say dogs look like their owners, right?

Every time a dog looks like its owner, drink two fingers of your beverage.

Dog Business:

Every time a dog decides to sniff another dog’s butt – you know, like they do – drink two fingers of your beverage.

The same applies for any time a dog decides to lay some turf while on camera.

Groan test:

Any time someone in the room accidentally groans out loud because a pup is overwhelmingly cute, they must take some sort of shot.

Name game:

If any dog or contestant has your name, you must finish your drink instantly.

Stroke Test:

When a dog is either stroked or petted (usually on the doggy podium), you must guzzle your drink for the entire duration of the petting.



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