Don’t Tell the Bride is back for its 10th season, with over 100 wedding-themed episodes to date.

We’ve already seen some top-notch wedding day disasters in series 10, with budgets spent on Mr Bean chauffeurs and wedding venues relocated to a mate’s back garden.

Is Don’t Tell the Bride on tonight? And how many episodes are there?

Don’t Tell the Bride 2018 episode 2

Is Don’t Tell the Bride on Tonight?

Yes, Don’t Tell the Bride is on TV tonight (Wednesday, November 14th)

Series 10 is into its fourteenth episode of 2018.

What Channel and What Time?

Don’t Tell the Bride airs on E4, at 9 pm.

What Will Happen in Don’t Tell the Bride Episode 14?

Episode 14 features groom-to-be Kain, who is planning on a gangster-themed wedding.

It’s about as romantic as it sounds and leaves fiancee Charlie feeling nothing like the beautiful princess she so desperately wants to be.

DON'T TELL THE BRIDE SERIES 14 - Bride Jenna and Groom Nathan

DON’T TELL THE BRIDE SERIES 10- Bride Jenna and Groom Nathan

When Does Don’t Tell the Bride Finish?

Don’t Tell The Bride moved across from BBC3 to Channel 4 last year.

Originally, there were around 10 episodes of DTB, although E4 ramped that up to 18 episodes in the last series.

This means there is an onslaught of episodes still to come, and you should be kept busing with a host of different wedding disasters until the start of December!

How do I Apply for Don’t Tell The Bride?

You can apply for Don’t Tell The Bride through Renegade Pictures here.

The application includes general questions along with links to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There are also three questions to answer in detail: Are you engaged? Have you made any plans so far for your wedding day? Why do you want to take part in Don’t Tell The Bride?

The application also requires photos and an optional video.