Insiders launched on Netflix on October 21st 2021. The show, which is a Netflix España original, first dropped in Spain and the USA before being added as a title for UK viewers.

The reality TV show within a reality TV show will likely get you hooked almost instantly as the contestants on the show are taking part in a very interesting social experiment. It’s a concept that hasn’t really been seen before that involves social media experiments and an unveiling of what’s really going on during episode 4.

Is Insiders on Netflix real or fake
Screenshot: Insiders – Netflix

Insiders’ concept explored

Insiders is essentially a reality TV series which skews reality for the people taking part.

The Netflix show sees 12 contestants placed into a ‘Big Brother’ style house. They think htey’re taking part in the casting process for a reality TV show, but they’ve actually been filmed since day one which causes some issues for the group.

There’s a huge element of mystery on the show, as the contestants are pretty much kept in the dark in terms of what’s real and what’s not.

Is Insiders real or fake?

Insiders has been dubbed a “Big Brother copycat”, but there’s currently no reason to believe that she show isn’t real.

Netflix hasn’t address the “realness” of the show but there’s nothing to suggest that the show is fake. Viewers should bear in mind, though, that it is a reality TV show, therefore some elements would be planned. The show is structured and different experiments take place as part of the series including staged events such as leaks.

However, the contestants don’t appear to be aware of the show’s structure unless they’re really good actors! They’re being watched 24 hours a day which could lead viewers to wonder how the contestants aren’t aware of this but the contestants can be seen to be confused asking whether the cameras are actually rolling in the house.

Christmas Flow | Official Trailer | Netflix

Christmas Flow | Official Trailer | Netflix

Viewers’ take on Insiders

Since its launch date on October 21st, Insiders has been trending on Twitter. Many viewers have taken to certain cast members and lots have stated that they’re hooked on the series.

One person suggested that they thought the show was real when they Tweeted: “5 minutes into #Insiders on Netflix, this is unhinged television at its finest.”

Another said: “I just started watching #Insiders on Netflix and holy sh**! This show is sooo good! So far my favorite is Hugo.



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