is judge steve harvey scripted

Is Judge Steve Harvey scripted and does he have a law degree?

Steve Harvey may be best known for presenting Family Feud and other TV shows such as his own talk show, but in 2022, he’s switching things up and has branched out into another type of TV show which is likely to have people in fits of laughter. He can now be addressed as ‘Judge Steve Harvey’ as he says: “In my courtroom, I speak the truth” on his new ABC show Judge Steve Harvey.

Let’s take a look at whether ABC’s Judge Steve Harvey is scripted and whether Steve Harvey is a real judge…

What is Judge Steve Harvey about?

Judge Steve Harvey is a new ABC series in 2022 which features famous TV show host Steve Harvey. In ‘Judge Judy’ style, Steve Harvey plays the role of a courtroom judge and deals with cast members issues on the show.

Speaking to iHollywoodTV, Steve said : “It’s always good to come to court when you can’t lose“.

The people that appear on the show are really dealing with the complaints they come to the courtroom with.

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Is Steve Harvey a real judge?

No, Steve Harvey isn’t a real judge and he doesn’t have a law degree. Seaking to iHollywoodTV, he said: “I always just thought it would be a cool thing to use my sensibilities, my rationale, my type of judgement and humour to solve some every day problems, as long as they’re not too serious.

Steve said: “I’m a common sense judge, I’m a humourous judge, I don’t take myself to serious, but I’m fair. I use the story to reach my verdict“.

He’s bringing laughter to the world, which is likely much needed following the last few pandemic-filled years.

Is Judge Steve Harvey scripted?

The move into the role of a judge was natural for Steve as per iHollywoodTV, and he also added that he’s seen a lot of judges he didn’t think should be judges – so why wouldn’t he go for the role?

The show isn’t scripted, it deals with real people in real situations with real complaints and “a lot of heartfelt stuff” according to Steve.

iHollywoodTV describes Judge Steve Harvey as a “new one-hour unscripted courtroom comedy series“.

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