MTV’s Siesta Key is back in 2022 and season 5 of the show is looking super-juicy judging by its trailer. All the regular Siesta Key faces are returning for the new 2022 season including Chloe Trautman, Sam Logan, Juliette Porter and Brandon Gomes.

Siesta Key kicked off an all-new season on Maech 10th but fans are all asking the same question – is Kelsey still on Siesta Key in 2022? Judging by Twitter, some fans were more concerned about her absence than others, so let’s find out more about Kelsey’s whereabouts in season 5…

Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain | Official Trailer | Netflix

Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Kelsey Owens?

Kelsey Owens has been a cast member on Siesta Key since season 1.

She’s 24 years old and the show has followed her romance with fellow Siesta Key star Max Strong in season 4.

Kelsey can be found on Instagram @thekelseyowens with 665K followers. Given Kelsey’s hefty IG following, it makes sense that she makes the most of her social media presence by collaborating with brands and does paid partnerships.

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Fan ask if Kelsey is still on Siesta Key

A new season of Siesta Key premiered on MTV on March 10th, but many fans of the show missed seeing Kelsey on screen. Many were puzzled at the whereabouts of not just Kelsey in the show’s premiere but Madison and Garrett, too.

One person tweeted: “Where is Kelsey and Madison?!

Another said: “Way too much Chloe for my liking and where was Kelsey?”.

Others seemed happy that Kelsey wasn’t heavily featured in the episode: “This first episode of Siesta Key was so nice without Kelsey… didn’t miss her one bit“.

Is Kelsey still on Siesta Key?

Yes, Kelsey Owens is still a main cast member on Siesta Key in 2022.

She writes in both her Twitter and Instagram bios that she’s a cast member and has taken to social media many times to promote the new 2022 season.

Despite viewers not seeing much of Kelsey in episode 1 of the new series, she’ll still very much a part of the cast and will appear on the show in later Sietsa Key episodes.

Judging by Kelsey’s Twitter post on March 10th, she jokingly wrote that the episode was her “best episode yet” as she didn’t get much air time. Her co-star Madison replied to her tweet saying that it was also her best episode too as she wasn’t seen in the episode either.

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