The USA MTV schedule has been taking a battering of late.

First, there was the peculiar omission of Made in Staten Island on Monday, February 4th. Then, the episode failed to turn up during the following two weeks.

Fans of the brand new series started to flock to to try and work out when their missing episode will be on TV.

Essentially, it should be on TV tonight… unless the series has been cancelled altogether.

Screen Shot: Karina and Paulie fighting - Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E1

Screen Shot: Karina and Paulie fighting – Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E1

Is Made in Staten Island on Tonight?


The USA MTV schedule for tonight (Monday, February 25th) does not include Made in Staten Island.

Instead, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club will air.

This means that Made in Staten Island season 1 episode 4 is still ‘missing’.

Screen Shot: Karina – Made in Staten Island MTV

Has Made in Staten Island Been Cancelled?


So far, MTV have declined to comment on whether the series has been cancelled.

However, many cast members have spoken out to say that it has not been cancelled.

Taylor O’Toole answered to fans on Instagram saying: “The show was taken down to relocate it for a different time for different reasons.”



Other cast members have sent out to Tweets to say that the show will go on.

The Verdict?

From what we can gather from our sources, Made in Staten Island has not been cancelled.

However, the series is not on the MTV schedule for Monday, February 25th or Monday, February 4th.

It is likely that Made in Staten Island will return sometime in March but not on Monday nights. Or perhaps not on MTV at all?



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